Forthcoming Events


Tri-centenary of Sultan-ul-Quam Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

 23rd September 2018

Misli Diwas dedicated to all Sikh warriors of 18th century Misli period – Tri-centenary of Sultan-ul-Quam, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and 205th Birthday of Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia.


Salute to the Martyrs

 April 2019

A day to honour the martyrs of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre during its centennial. Salute to Shaheed Sardaar Udham Singh.


550th Birthday of the First Master Lord, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

 October 2019

The founder of the Sikh faith; the soul and heart of humanity. Who gave the divine guidance to his successor and disciples. The real meaning of Naam, Kirat and Sharing.


Raj Karega Khalsa

 February 2020

Celebration of the centenary of Maharajah Nau Nihal Singh, the emperor of Punjab and grandson of the Lion of Punjab, Maharajah Ranjit Singh. In honour of the Khalsa Raj.

Hind Dee Chadar – Fourth Centenary coming of ninth Master Sri Guru Tegbahadur Ji

 April 2021

Celebrations dedicated to Sri Guru Tegbahadur Ji Fourth Birth Centenary